IncludeSec’s free training in Buenos Aries for our Argentine hacker friends.

One of the things that has always been important in IncludeSec’s progress as a company is finding the best talent for the task at hand. We decided early on that if the best Python hacker in the world was not in the US then we would go find that person and work with them! Or whatever technology the project at hand is; C, Go, Ruby, Scala, Java, etc.

As it turns out the best Python hackers (and many other technologies) might actually be in Argentina. We’re not the only ones that have noticed this. Immunity Security, IOActive Security, Gotham Digital Science, and many others have a notable presence in Argentina (The NY Times even wrote an article on how great the hackers are there!) We’ve worked with dozens of amazing Argentinian hackers over the last six years comprising ~30% of our team and we’ve also enjoyed the quality of the security conferences like EkoParty in Buenos Aires.

As a small thank you to the entire Argentinian hacker scene, we’re going to do a free training class on May 30/31st 2019 teaching advanced web hacking techniques. This training is oriented towards hackers earlier in their career who have already experienced the world of OWASP top 10 and are looking to take their hacking skills to the next level.

If that sounds like you, you’re living in Argentina, and can make it to Buenos Aires on May 30th & 31st then this might be an awesome opportunity for you!

Please fill out the application here if this is something that would be awesome for you. We’ll close the application on May 10th.


Erik Cabetas
Managing Partner

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